12-13 APRIL  2025 IN POZNAN​


About Hackathon
QL Future is a hackathon aimed at bringing together young people to brainstorm, develop innovative ideas, solutions related to human, planet and climate issues.
The event provides a unique opportunity for participants to access and experiment with quantum computers (but you don't need to know how to operate it to join in the event).

Over the course of the event, you'll work in teams with industry experts and mentors to bring your ideas to real life. Showcase your creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for positively impacting the world.
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Our aim
					int main() {
        std::cout << "Collaborating with industry experts and mentors, teams will work towards bringing their ideas to fruition. This event encourages showcasing creativity, problem-solving skills, and a genuine enthusiasm for effecting positive change in the world" << 
        std::cout << "Event date: April 12-13, 2025" << std::endl;
        // Rest of the code for the hackathon
        return 0;

Two paths: Tech and Concept

Decide for yourself which path you want to take part in.If you have basic knowledge of quantum computing, we invite you to choose the tech path.


no programming experience is required


basic knowledge of quantum technologies is required

Become a partner

Becoming a partner offers numerous opportunities for networking, innovation, and brand exposure, with approximately 100 participants expected to be involved.

You can showcase your expertise by presenting a case study for participants. This lets you witness firsthand the innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.

We’re the only entity in Poland with a quantum computer! Partnering with us boosts your brand’s visibility in tech innovation and quantum computing.

2 days workshop
Next edition: 12-13 April 2025
About Future Labs

In the dialogue between the physical and digital worlds, we seek valuable challenges and support innovators in creating tomorrow’s solutions

Our mission is: be the change you wish to see in the world.
We are a living lab, so our daily routine is to turn problems into solutions. We do this with passion and commitment, in line with global standards, as we have been part of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) since 2006. We are collaborating with numerous public and private enterprises and social organizations.