The first edition of the #QLFuture quantum hackathon has come to the end!
11 teams have been working for 24 hours to develop solutions for challenges related to human-planet-climate. Some of them chose the technical path, while others focused on conceptual approaches. The event provided a unique opportunity for participants to acces and experiment with quantum computers.
The results of each team's efforts are impressive! It's truly amazing how many interesting ideas utilizing quantum technologies were generated in such a short time.

The judges have decided to award the following teams:
  • Tech



Mateusz Hanak, Ilya Piatrenka, Hubert Rozmarynowski, Oliwier Kluczyński, Shilan S.

Splątane UAMagi

Patrycja Tulewicz, Jan Wójcik, Kajetan Szal, Jędrzej Stempin

Erno IT

Maciej Kowalski, Nikodem Panknin

  • Concept

Pracownicy Miesiąca

Agata Walczak, Igor Mihułka, Max Adamski

Moderus Gamma

Michał Hordecki, Sofya Aksenyuk, Agata Wojciechowska, Wiktoria Bosiacka, Aleks Roszyk

Pascal Bertin, Magdalena Baczkowska, Jakub Styszyński, Arkadiusz Janusz, Arkadiusz Kowalski

Congratulations to all participants, and especially to the winning teams!

As you can see, some of them are overjoyed, while others can hardly believe it! We sincerely thank everyone for participating and for joining us in shaping the COOL Future!

A big thanks to our Partners and Mentors for providing such challenging cases, offering valuable advice on problem-solving, and judging the projects.